The following guide will help you understand the logistics terms and make your shipping experience easier.

Consolidated Cargo

It is a type of cargo that combines shipments from different clients and shares space and transportation costs. It is also known as Less Than Truck (LTL).

Fuel Surcharge

It is a charge that is applied to all services and is a percentage that is calculated based on the monthly prices of jet fuel and diesel, published by PEMEX.


It refers to the material that allows the products to be conditioned to protect them temporarily for their handling, transport and storage.


It is the label that is attached to all shipments and includes information on the origin and destination of the piece.


Situation that comes during the shipment of the shipment, may alter the delivery date and may or may not be attributable to Redpack.

Tracking number

9-digit number located on the shipping waybill to track it.


Service that allows you to collect shipments directly at points of sale.


Flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable way, to be lifted by a forklift or skid

Volumetric Weight

Refers to the weight of a package taking into account its dimensions and allows calculating its cost depending on the space it will occupy during transport.

Pick up

Service that consists of collecting the shipment at the customer's address.